How To Send Great Messages: 'First_Name' Is Not Enough

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Mar 9, 2015

Most companies send personalized email. Addressing customers by name is great, but making a quality message—something that's actually useful to the customer—is really about drawing on your history with that person.

A Lesson from Cheers

Remember the TV show Cheers and the song that went along with it? "Where everybody knows your name..." Cheers was a TV phenomenon for 11 years in the 80s and into the early 90s, winning Emmys left and right until Seinfeld took over. The entire show took place in a bar called Cheers where regulars bantered and comedy happened - but the real key to the whole franchise was a basic human desire: we all want to have a place to go where everyone knows your name and "they're always glad you came."

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Topics: Triggered messages, Personalized messages