Now Outbound brings Ideas to you

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Feb 21, 2017

Outbound can now answer the question, based on the events you send us over the API, "What are the most promising campaigns you could run?"
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Just Released: User Search and Journey

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Oct 11, 2016

Our biggest release yet, user search and journey is a new area of our product that allows you to build powerful queries and view the full timeline on any user in Outbound.

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New Features Galore + Recap of 2015

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Jan 15, 2016

Some of our most-requested features went live this week! Before we get to those, our team wants to say a huge thank you for all of your feedback and ideas from the past yearit was a big one for Outbound!

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Spring update: Outbound does YC and introduces web push

Posted by Josh Weissburg on May 28, 2015

I want to share what's been keeping team Outbound busy this spring, including an entirely  new channel to  message users on your web or mobile site (lots of details below) and some  thoughts on our YCombinator experience.
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The Outbound toolbox just got a lot bigger

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Jan 14, 2015

Welcome to our new blog! We’re kicking 2015 off with a BIG release: as of today, you can do multi-channel A/B/C testing, set goals on any message and broadcast to a list using Outbound.

Below, I'll talk about why we developed these new features and what you can do with them. They bring Outbound a big step closer to our goal: make it easy to send really good messages to customers—and hard to send bad ones!

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Former CMO of Atlassian talks Outbound

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Oct 6, 2014

Paul Willard—former CMO at Atlassian and Practice Fusion—has spent a lot of his career building internal tools to take marketing and distribution at these and other companies to the next level.

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