Now Outbound brings Ideas to you

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Feb 21, 2017

Outbound can now answer the question, based on the events you send us over the API, "What are the most promising campaigns you could run?"
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3 Principles to Achieve a Zen State Between Business and Engineering

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Dec 10, 2015

When a company is interested in Outbound, the first person I usually talk to is either a member of the growth team or the product team. Let’s call this person Alex. Alex typically knows exactly what the problem areas are in activating and retaining users, and he zeroes in on the experiments he wants to run. Alex sees the business case clearly, and he is impatient to get started.

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Give Your Triggered Messages a Fighting Chance

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Feb 25, 2015

Have you checked your inbox lately? I’ll bet you have at least a dozen emails from companies you have purchased from in the past few months, all vying for your attention and hoping you’ll click on their email.

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Why Your Marketing Automation Platform May Not Be That Great

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Feb 19, 2015


How Much Effort Should Marketing Tools Require?

There's no question that marketing automation has changed the nature of customer engagement by making it a whole lot easier to target messaging to prospects and customers. But as this industry has grown, frustration persists. Sure you can use Marketo or Eloqua, for example, to create marketing campaignsbut is it worth the amount of time, effort and specialized skills that these platforms require?

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