How (And Why) We Fixed User Aliasing

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Feb 5, 2016

User identity management is surprisingly tricky. What seems simple at first give each user a unique ID, then track everything that happens to that user ID quickly turns complicated.  But when you get it right, you can actually understand and communicate with each of your users as an individual.
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3 Principles to Achieve a Zen State Between Business and Engineering

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Dec 10, 2015

When a company is interested in Outbound, the first person I usually talk to is either a member of the growth team or the product team. Let’s call this person Alex. Alex typically knows exactly what the problem areas are in activating and retaining users, and he zeroes in on the experiments he wants to run. Alex sees the business case clearly, and he is impatient to get started.

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