You're Already Running A/B Tests - Here's How to Make Them Better

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Feb 25, 2016


When you release something new—a feature, a web page, an email or anything else your users see—you should celebrate: by making a decision, you've made progress.

But as soon as you release, you need to answer another question: "How much progress have we made?" 

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Attention Currency: How to Measure Message Quality

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Jun 4, 2015

What is attention currency?

Customer attention is a kind of currency; you spend it whenever you ask your customer to pay attention to your business. When you send messages to your customers or prospects, you're spending attention currency. Like actual money, customer currency is finite and must be budgeted for just the right time.

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One of the Biggest Messaging Mistakes Marketers Make

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Mar 31, 2015

Be skeptical about universal best practices. Get to know your customers by testing every message. Here's how to build your own best practices for customer activation, engagement and retention using messages. Read More

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