Customer Segmentation for Growth Teams

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Oct 30, 2015

How will you slice it?

Every growth team faces the same basic challenge: “What changes should we make to our current product and marketing that will get us more customers who stick around longer and pay us more?” The answers rely on how you do customer segmentation: effective segmentation allows for analysis, which generates ideas that you will act on and test.
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How Strava Cracked Mobile Engagement

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Oct 16, 2015

Mobile apps give you new ways to communicate with your customers. And mobile push notifications ARE different than email. But it’s a mistake to put up a wall between mobile and web because mobile is different. Strava creates fiercely loyal customers using a single, cross-device communication flow. Here's how they do it.

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Slack Kills at Onboarding—Here's How They Do It

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Oct 9, 2015

Slackthe team communication tool that is taking over the worldhas become ubiquitous and obvious. But how did Slack, with all of its channels, private groups, direct messages and hashtags, go from zero to millions of users so quickly? For sure, there’s a lot of functionality in the product and it’s easy on the eyes. But many products have great functionality and design, yet new users still struggle to find and understand all those features.

The secret weapon that has propelled Slack? Killer onboarding.

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We Need to Define "Customer Engagement"

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Oct 1, 2015

First of all, I have to confess something: the phrase “customer engagement” triggers an immediate gag reflex in me. I associate it with buzzwords like “big data” and “growth hacking” that serve as a mushy catch-all, phrases that people generally use when straightforward language isn’t available. But the thing is, I think the idea of customer engagement actually represents a significant shift in thinking about how businesses should talk to their customers.
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Attention Currency: How to Measure Message Quality

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Jun 4, 2015

What is attention currency?

Customer attention is a kind of currency; you spend it whenever you ask your customer to pay attention to your business. When you send messages to your customers or prospects, you're spending attention currency. Like actual money, customer currency is finite and must be budgeted for just the right time.

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How Facebook Got Big Using SMS and Mobile Push

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Jun 2, 2015

Almost every marketer knows they need to set up email flows to welcome, onboard, activate and retain customers. For most, however, SMS and push are unknown territory. There is often a fundamental mismatch between the tools marketers are using and the ways users are engaging as user attention shifts from desktop to mobile devices. Filling this gap is critical to reaching today's users.

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Spring update: Outbound does YC and introduces web push

Posted by Josh Weissburg on May 28, 2015

I want to share what's been keeping team Outbound busy this spring, including an entirely  new channel to  message users on your web or mobile site (lots of details below) and some  thoughts on our YCombinator experience.
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How to Ask Your Engineering Team for Help

Posted by Josh Weissburg on May 22, 2015

People love to talk about the wonders of data-driven marketing, but there's a reason it's hard to do: you need access to all that data! Usually, access to data means asking your engineering team to hook up or make a change to a tool you're using—GROAN.

Why is this so painful? Because engineers are incredibly busy. They usually have too many projects in a very time-sensitive pipeline and everyone else in the company is waiting for them to hurry up and finish, just like you are. So engineering teams have to be very strict about taking on new work. Keeping this in mind, the key to a successful engineering ask is to base your ask on the things your engineers care about and get really, really specific about what you're asking for.

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Anchor and Ask: Use Messages to Turn Signups into Real Customers

Posted by Josh Weissburg on May 19, 2015

Most companies spend a lot of time and money trying to find new customers. But big businesses are not built on signups - they're built on converted customers. And yet, last fall I heard an amazing statistic from Optimizely CEO Dan Siroker: 92:1. That's the ratio of dollars spent on customer acquisition compared to conversion! That makes for a very leaky funnel, with lots of leads at the top but very few real customers at the bottom. Messages can help fix this.

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Buying Software 101: How to Design a Kickass Pilot Project

Posted by Josh Weissburg on May 14, 2015

There is a lot of cool software out there. The question is, will it actually help you do your job better? Since the money likely isn’t coming out of your pocket, you have to figure out how to get team members, finance and execs to see the value in what you see. Your best bet? Design a pilot program that shows them the value.

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