New Features Galore + Recap of 2015

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Jan 15, 2016

Some of our most-requested features went live this week! Before we get to those, our team wants to say a huge thank you for all of your feedback and ideas from the past yearit was a big one for Outbound!

Year in review

In 2015, Outbound processed billions of events, sent millions of messages and, most importantly, helped grow many of your companies. The range of use cases that you all have found is staggering: messages we sent helped people lower their disease risk, order food and groceries, get a reservation at an award-winning restaurant, run fundraisers, organize their work schedules, connect doctors with patients at the right time and take a moment to pause and be mindful (notifications can actually HELP you concentrate :)

What unites all of these Outbound campaigns across industries is the need to communicate effectively, across devices, in a way that customers appreciate and act on. That's our north star as we develop the product.

Over the past few months we’ve also been upgrading our core infrastructure for two important reasons: First, and most importantly: we directly affect your customer experience, so reliability is a huge deal for us. Second, our customers are growing fast! The things that make our system unique, like live segmentation, need to operate at a very large scale.

Over the coming months, we’ll be writing about what our customers are doing using Outbound. We would love to hear how you’re using our tools to communicate better with customers.

To the features!

Speaking of product development, here’s what we shipped this week:

  • Filter on past Outbound campaigns: decide whether a user should get a message based on whether they have or have not received another Outbound campaign.
  • Global frequency caps: specify how many messages users should get in a given period - with the option to exempt specific campaigns from the cap.
  • Full control of your development and production environments: No more guessing about which environments a campaign is live ontoggle any campaign on or off in any environment.
  • Fetch dynamic email content: now each user can receive a different email with customized text and images that we retrieve directly from your server when we send the email. And you don’t need to include the content as user attributes or event properties.
  • Multiple Twilio credentials: hook up multiple Twilio accounts to a single Outbound account and choose which Twilio account you want to use for each SMS campaign.

Working On: Next up, you’ll see an improved visual email editor and more robust tools to organize your campaigns.

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If you have thoughts, questions or suggestions about anything in this update, hit reply—we would love to hear from you.

Dhruv, Josh and the Outbound team

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