Meet the new web push: a more seamless, contextual way to communicate with your customers

Posted by Stephanie Zou on Nov 9, 2017

If you follow Mailchimp’s amazing annual reports, you’d have known that last year Mailchimp customers sent over 246 million emails, but only 66.5 million of those were opened. That’s a 27% open rate. Not bad, but also not great.

While email is still a popular communication channel, many businesses are starting to fold in new channels like mobile or web push, in-app messaging, and SMS to reach customers.

Fun editor’s note: I’ve been sending emails and web push notifications promoting B2B software for some time now. As a product marketer, these messages are usually related to new product releases. For emails, I typically saw a 30% open rate and a 3% click rate. For my web pushes within our product, I would see a 50% delivery rate (since customers didn’t have to click to open) and a 11% click rate!

Needless to say, we all <3 messaging that is contextual and relevant to what the customer might be doing at the time.

That’s why today we are unveiling an improved web push notification for Outbound. Here’s what’s new:

  • Personalize with an avatar: It’s great to put a face to a name and a message. Choose a photo to personalize the message you send to customers. If you’re camera shy, gravatars work too ;)
  • Encourage your customers to take action: Give your message more purpose by pointing your customers to the next step. Now with a bold call-to-action button, your web push notifications can more effectively drive customers to check out a new product, signup for an event, or simply learn more.
  • A fresh clean look: You’ll also notice various other visual styling updates that'll help make your message more impactful yet seamless to your web experience. 


The new web push notification is available today, so you can start customizing it with just a couple clicks. Also, don’t forget you can fully customize the styling with some javascript.

You can get more details from Aaron, our product manager, behind the release in his announcement post. Now, make sure to log into your Outbound to try it out!