May Release Notes: Fancy Email Editor and Automatic Winner Detection

Posted by Josh Weissburg on May 4, 2016

Release notes highlight the product improvements we made this month, so you can stay up-to-date on Outbound.

This month’s releases are going to save you time—lots of time!


New WYSIWYG Email Editor

To build a good-looking email, you need to design the layout, write the copy, code the HTML/CSS and test to make sure that it comes out looking right—which means you need contributions from several team members over a few days.

We just released a new email editor that allows a non-technical person to do all of this: create and edit columns, content blocks, images and variables in a few minutes instead of a few days:


Every email that you create with our new editor is automatically responsive on mobile devices. And you can use it for any kind of email: transactional, behavioral or broadcast.

New editor features include:
  • Uploading images / dedicated image hosting
  • Plaintext emails
  • Pre-constructed content blocks that can be fine-tuned to fit your branding
  • A new, searchable variable selector—by typing “@”, you will bring up a dropdown of all your user attributes and event properties:



Automatic Variant Allocation

Here’s another new feature that will save you time: now Outbound can automatically direct users into the winning variant of any AB test you set up. You don’t even need to wait for a winner to emerge. We’ll automatically adjust the allocation toward the winner as statistical confidence rises:


No more checking back to re-allocate users to the winning variant. More details are available in our Variant Allocation doc.


Automatic Timezone Collection

If you use our Javascript library, Mobile SDKs, or Amplitude integration to send data to Outbound, we now automatically detect and set local timezone data for your users. This timezone data allows you to use delivery windows to make sure your users are getting messages at the time they’re most likely to act:


More big upgrades coming next month...

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