Just Released: User Search and Journey

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Oct 11, 2016


Our biggest release yet, user search and journey is a new area of our product that allows you to build powerful queries and view the full timeline on any user in Outbound.

What is user search?

User search generates a list of users based on any combination of segmentation criteria:

  • Event (and event property) history.
  • User attribute values.
  • Messages sent / not sent.

All user activity is stored forever, meaning you can search on actions your users performed at any point in time. You can access user search from the campaign dashboard (If the icon is not present, try hard-refreshing the page):


User Search enables the same filters that are available for building campaigns, allowing you to quickly discover and view user segments:


Once a search is running, you can leave the page and come back anytime; the search will continue to run in the background while you’re away. We also store your full search history and results on the left hand nav-bar, so you can easily re-visit and rerun previous searches.
Once the search is complete, we return a full list of the users that pass filters. You can also see the breakdown of how many users pass each individual filter on the right hand nav bar:



What is user journey?

When you click on a user from a search, user journey shows the full history of that user:


  • Every event and user update we receive over the API (including the body of the API call).
  • Every message Outbound has sent to that user, including the rendered content (with variables) that the user received.
  • If you want even more detail, you can turn on debug mode, which shows every message we attempted to send and why the message was not sent (i.e. the specific filter that failed to pass, rendering error, timeout, etc.
Note for Privacy API users - The first release of user search & journey is not available for Privacy API users. We’re exploring ways to give you access to these features!

We’re excited to expand on both of these features in the upcoming months. If you have any questions or feedback, contact support@outbound.io and we would love to help. 


Why are we so excited about user search and journey?

These features offer a huge improvement in the level of visibility that our product delivers to you! You need to know what data Outbound has on your users, what messages they have received and what those messages looked like.

We continue to believe that the future of customer communication lies at the intersection of event history and message history. The ability to search over millions of users and billions of events and messages will enable us to deliver new kinds of insights in the future.
A big thank you to each of you who helped us develop and deliver these features. We’re excited to have you on this journey (pun intended)!

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