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Growth Marketing Myths and Mistakes

Posted by Page Grossman on Jan 10, 2018

Successful growth marketing can sometimes feel like a guessing game of trial and error. Customers might seem fickle and hard to please. That’s why we’ve put together this list of common growth marketing myths and mistakes. 

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Why focusing on customer retention is the #1 key to grow your business

Posted by Page Grossman on Nov 29, 2017

So often, growth is measured as an increase in specific metrics: more users, more clicks, more customers, more sales. But is simply getting more prospects and customers into your funnel the most effective way to measure business growth?

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3 A/B tests eMeals ran to make it easier for families to plan healthy, affordable meals

Posted by Page Grossman on Oct 30, 2017

How often do you find yourself hauling a disgruntled toddler through the grocery store while trying to figure out just what you’ll cook this week? Once you finally figure out what to buy and throw in a few packaged items to un-gruntle the toddler, you get to the cashier line only to wait for five people to check out ahead of you. By the time you actually make it to swiping your credit card, you’ve checked all your phone notifications and tossed in a pack of gum and a totally unnecessary candy bar which you promised yourself you wouldn’t do.

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How to start a meaningful dialogue with your customers

Posted by Page Grossman on Oct 4, 2017

Let’s take a moment and think about the last conversation you proactively started with your customer. When was it? Why did you reach out? Was it to share a product announcement or an upcoming event? 

My guess is most likely, you reached out to the customer to promote something new. It’s great to keep customers updated and in-the-know about your company, but what then? Your relationship with your customer shouldn’t be just about you and your products. Open your mind to building a personal relationship with your customers — treating them more like human beings than just walking sales.

I’ve put together a list of four tips on how to start a meaningful dialogue with your customers that will help you build a personal relationship with them. These tactics will help you to get past just the sales pitch and talking about the weather.

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