April Release Notes: Delivery Windows and Scheduled Broadcasts

Posted by Josh Weissburg on Apr 8, 2016

Release notes highlight the product improvements we made this month, so you can stay up-to-date on Outbound. Here’s what we launched in April.

Good customer communication is just as much about when you send the message as what’s in the message. This month, we released two powerful features that help you send messages when the time is right. We also snuck in a bonus feature that ensures you’re counting only the goal events that relate to your campaign segment.


Time of Day Delivery Windows

Now you can specify, within each campaign, what days and times users should be messaged. If you’re sending timezone user data to Outbound, you can also choose to use the recipient's local time zone. View and build delivery windows on the Settings > Delivery Windows page:




Scheduled Broadcasts

Marketers rejoice! No more waiting until the exact moment you need to send a broadcast campaign to push send. Now you can schedule a date and time, up to a month in advance, for your broadcast to send:



Matching Event Properties on Goals

Goal tracking just got an upgrade: you can now match a property in the campaign trigger event with a property in your goal event:

Imagine your user does “Add to cart” (trigger event) but doesn’t finish “Checkout” (filter event) within a day, so you send them an email with a picture of the item, hoping they will “Purchase” (goal event). Now you can match the properties in all of these events and follow that item through the whole cycle.


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